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On a Sunday at 12 Oaks Mall…

Please read this story below about zionists harrassing these young Muslim girls at the mall, in an attempt to deliberately provoke them to anger.. This is NOT an isolated incident. And please boycott these kiosks!


I was walking in 12 oaks mall today when my friend and I passed the Kiosk that has the flat iron hair straighteners..i think it’s called “Royale.”  (near starbucks) Anyway, the guy tried to hand me a free sample of hair serum. I smiled and politely said “oh, no thank you.” Then he said, “please, from me.” I then took it. My friend began to ask him about their return policy. I walked away to the “M Den” store to look at the window display.

I walked back over to them and my friend seemed to be slightly upset. she dropped everything and walked away. While we were walking, she said that the employee there said I was rude and it’s because I was an Arab girl and he is a Jew, and that I should get a boyfriend. ???? I was sooo confused! How was I rude? Everyone who knows me knows I wouldnt let something like that go…

I walked back over to him and asked him politely why he thought I was rude? I said NO THANK YOU when we first spoke. He continued to argue with me that its because I am an Arab and he is a jew. I told him I didnt even know he was jewish!! nor did I care! I asked for his manager’s number and he simply replied he and the manager have been friends for five years and a little complaint wont do anything. I said well go get it for me anyway. He responded “go f*ck yourself you f**king Arab.”  

He started turning this whole thing into a political debate, Arabs VS Israelis. He even said jews are smarter and take all the money from us Arabs in the Middle East and in America! Who says that to someone?? I promise you all that none of this was provoked. He just kept going on and on about this for no good reason! He brought up the holocaust. I said, its funny you guys learned NOTHING from it. He responded that they learned a lot. Yeah, you’re actually right, your people did learn a lot from the holocaust…you guys learned how to keep Hitler’s legacy alive by turning around and doing it to other people. He went on and on about how the Israeli land belonged to the jewish people according to the Bible. I said, the land belongs to the Palestinians, who were gracious enough to let you live on their land to COEXIST after the world war. He simply said, there are 17 other Arab nations, let them go live there.

My friend and I left in anger and disbelief…We filled out a complaint card at the customer service desk. The guy followed us there 10 mins later and asked us if we wanted his help writing it. Then he walked away. Another 10 mins later, his friend came. The lady at the customer service desk had to yell at him to get away from us and that she was going to call security.

A lot of racist, hurtful things were said. And nothing was provoked. There was simply no reason for this to have happened. I didnt even know he was jewish! I have lived in America my whole life, born and raised. I have NEVER experienced such racism. I’m writing this because I needed to vent. And I wana try to hit that little bastard where it hurts the most…his pocket. Even if one of you think twice before buying anything from him, i would have done my job. I wish I could do more. And it angers me that he is going to get away with treating people this way. I have never once looked at someone and saw Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Israeli. And if you know who my friends are, you know thats true. It’s just disgusting that these people have this mentality…and yes, im saying THESE people. I may be overgeneralizing a bit, but lets face it, majority of them truly believe in everything this guy was saying.

I’m sorry, im not a racist by any means. But i’m so sick of the world thinking it’s the Arabs or the Muslims who are the enemy. SOOO many racist things were said that I am leaving out, but this is enough that you guys should not want to give someone like that business.

I dont condone violence or acts of anger…however, if someone vandalized their Kiosk, I wouldnt be mad ;-)

But at the very least. BOYCOTT them please!!

**Isslam & Rola***

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